Single event widget


The Basketball Single Event Widget is designed to provide detailed information about a specific basketball game. This widget can be easily integrated into a website or application to provide up-to-date information to fans. The widget includes the following features:

  • Game Details: Displays the date, time, and teams playing in the game.
  • Live Score: Displays the live score of the game as it happens.
  • Game Summary: Displays a summary of the game once it is completed, including the final score.

The widget is fully customizable to match the look and feel of your website or application. Users can choose between light or dark color schemes. Additionally, the widget is responsive, so it will adjust to fit the size of the screen it is being viewed on.

Integrating the Basketball Single Event Widget is easy and straightforward, include the library's JavaScript files on your webpage, and initialize the widget with the proper configuration to access and display real-time data.

Widget Options

NameExample valueRequired
data-config-date{"date": "2022-12-03", "dateFormat": "dd LLL HH:mm"}Optional
data-config-team-short-name-type"three_letter_code" or "short_name"Optional
data-config-refresh-timeSee Note 1 belowOptional
data-config-entity-linksSee Note 2 belowOptional
data-config-oddsSee Note 3 belowOptional
data-config-short-status-type"full_name" or "short_name"Optional
data-config-theme"light", "dark" or "client"Optional


Note 1

Example Refresh times

  "super_fast" - 15 seconds
  "fast" - 30 seconds
  "medium" - 1 minute
  "slow" - 3 minutes
  "super_slow" - 10 minutes
  "never" - doesnโ€™t refresh the data


Note 2

Example Entity links

    "team": {
      "url": "{teamId}"
    "competition": {
      "url": "{competitionId}"
    "standings": {
      "url": "{competitionId}#standings"
    "match": {
      "url": "{teamId}-{teamId}#{matchId}",
      "sort": {"criteria": "alphabetically", "direction": "asc"}
    "configuration": {
      "newWindow": true


Note 3

Example Odds config

    "bettingId": "154",
    "display": true,
    "market": "12",
    "preEventOnly": true,
    "marketValueType": "decimal"