Getting started

What are widgets and why should you use them?

Our widgets are a great way to enhance your digital football content with up-to-date stats that will complement your editorial. Whether you want to include them in a side column on your page or within the main body of an article, they will always adapt to the space available ensuring that you end up with a layout that works, keeping your visitors engaged and coming back to your site again and again.

How much technical knowledge do you need to use the widgets?

We've designed the integration process of our widgets to be as simple as possible, so that little or no technical knowledge is needed to place them on your page.

If you are an editor using our CMS, the widgets are integrated seamlessly into the content creation journey.

Where can the widgets be used?

The widgets are created in such a way that will allow for their placement anywhere on your website. Depending on the widget type, placing it into a container with little width may cause the widget to appear with a broken design.

Can I use more than one widget on the same page?

It is indeed possible to place more than one of our widgets on the same page provided that you follow these guidelines. There are two easy steps you need to follow:

Add javascript library CDN

<script src=""></script>

Set up widget loader.


Widget loader

Checkout detailed documentation

    new SMPWidgetsLoader({
        LINK_OPTIONS_V2: {
            player: {
                'url': '{playerId}'
            team: {
                'url': '{teamId}'
            match: {
                'url': '{matchId}',
                'sort': {'criteria': 'home-away', 'direction': 'asc'}
            'configuration': {
                'newWindow': boolean
        AUTHOR: boolean,
        API_KEY: 'SPORTAL365_API_KEY',
        REQUEST_INTERVAL: number(ms),
        PRE_GAME_ODDS_ONLY: boolean